Pre School

Pre School

The Pre School is the heart and soul of Being Child. There will be a number of activities, both educational and innovative, to actively engage your child’s mental and physical growth in his/her formative years. And with the assistance of doctors on call, you can be assured that no harm will come your child’s way.

Emergency Back Up

Our Emergency Back Up care provides day care facility for children aged between 3 months -12 years. The programme provides employees with a safety net for those days when regular arrangements to take care of one’s child fall through. Our back-up care seeks to supplement rather than replace ordinary child care arrangements and is a comforting emergency alternative when you need it the most. Parents may access the services at any of our centres. The program will be charged on a daily basis for one to five days of service, and monthly basis for six days and above.

Registration and Enrolment Procedures for Emergency Back-up Care

  • Parents will have to pre-register their child a week or one day prior to the required date.
  • Each child is expected to have an updated medical history and physical examination result on file.
  • An appointment should be made to visit the centre for orientation and familiarisation of policies and procedures, as well as an introduction to the staff.
  • Operation Hours: 8:00 am - 8:00 pm.
  • All meals will be taken care of.