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Our Mission

BEING CHILD began its operations in Bangalore in July 2013 with its only centre opposite to Embassy Golf Links, Bengaluru catering to corporates like DELL, Sasken, Goldman Sachs, IBM, Accord Software and a few more. We are currently in the different stages of discussions with Vodafone, Intel, Zeta, IBM, Target and 24/7. The strategic positioning of BEING CHILD was with an aspiration to scale our operational reach and facilitate more working parents in specific to supplement the most precious needs of the working mother.

Being Child was founded in 2013 by a family that is passionate about children and learning. With every member having experience in early child care, we started our small world of Being Child with principles steeped in the order of safety first, and followed by encompassing growth (physical, emotional and mental). This further extends to the facilities provided to enable parents to work.

We strive to be their second home by focusing on:

Live Camera Feed Uninterrupted live camera feed for our parents so they always feel connected to their bundle of joy.

Nutritious Food Five meals a day freshly prepared that covers all their nourishment needs. Thus, parents don't have to worry about preparing meals or preparing them in a manner that the food lasts all day.

Security We have our bases covered in terms of fire (backed with extinguishers, emergency fire exit routes), kitchen away from children's floor. Furthermore, our interiors are done in a manner that is as child proofed as possible! From soft flooring for infants to carpeted flooring for the tiny tots that are starting to walk! Coming to the finer aspects of toys, we pay attention to details of the toys those that pose choke hazards and other such dangers.

School Interiors Just as a child has the freedom of movement at home to run between rooms, our classes are open to ensure the child has such freedom in our space too! No child would like to be confined in one class through out the day. And this further enables interactions between children across ages. Keeping this mind, our classes are open and airy for children to be free.

All round development From the second our tiny tots start walking we expose them to to dance, fun games activities, yoga, piano. Yes! We have grand pianos in our school. Hence, we consciously engage them in activities that they learn from and are FUN in nature.

Preschool Curriculum That enhances their social skills, conceptual learning taught in a fun manner with bearings of Montessori, Play Way method and stimulate the feel of a school to enable them their transition to a formal school.

We at BEING CHILD have the following services to offer,

PRE-SCHOOL The Heart and soul of BEING CHILD offers both educational and innovative activities, to engage your child's mental and physical growth. The activities are planned to promote growth in cognitive, literary, logical and social skills and help the child grow into an independent and confident individual and prepare for needs beyond pre-school.

DAY CARE Rich, fresh and nutritious food under the supervision of a nutritionist. Activities ranging from pottery to theatre, from contemporary dance to music, because this is the age your child's creativity can be enriched. Health, Wellness, Medical and Safety Policy, Yes even WE have it.

EMERGENCY BACK UP Our backup care seeks to supplement rather than replace ordinary child care arrangements and is a comforting emergency alternative when you need the most.

CONNECT PARENT Live Camera Facility to monitor your child, because we have nothing to hide. An Open Door Policy where you can meet your child whenever you want. One stop destination linking you with the centre, the management, and the teachers to keep you up-to-date about all happenings at Being Child and open discussions on parenting issues.

We are an eclectic mix of young and aspiring founders, ably guided and handheld by experienced and passionate mentors, with a desire to shape young minds and build bright dreams. You can know more about us at www.beingchild.com and visit us at www.facebook.com/beingchildindia

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