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    Being Child

Day Care

Being Child is more than a day care, we are focused on keeping your child safe, happy, engaged, and educated.

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Pre School

A pre-school is a major building block of a child’s educational foundation. Our pre-school curriculum methodically

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Infant Care

In this busy, fleeting life working parents would not have enough time to take care of their infants. Hiring a stranger

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After School Program

The after-school program is intended at nurturing the qualities of integrity, compassion,

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Respecting Life Processes

Allowing children to realize their full potential through relearning and reconnecting their natural instincts.


Embracing individuality and the differences between each child. Each child learns to accept the needs of others with empathy.

Trust in Life

Respecting the natural process of each child in happy and empathetic conditions.

Joyful Independence

Allowing children to identify their needs and make their own decisions.

Celebrating Abundance

Giving every child access to diversity in a healthy, safe environment that is rich in opportunity.

Family Integration

Education begins with the family. We work with families to create a harmonious coexistence and a loving quality of life.


Live Camera Streaming

Children can be hyperactive and berserk and they need to be monitored constantly.

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Homework Assistance

As the syllabus is getting tougher, children are posed with grueling study material

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Nutritious Food

We comprehend the significance of nutrition in a growing child.

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After- School Activities

We make sure that your child is active, productive and happy even after they leave

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Our teachers and fun-instilled learning activities together create a favorable climate for knowledge procurement. We introduce learning as an entertaining and enjoyable activity for kids and our education foundation will help them retain the thirst for knowledge throughout their life. We encourage children to develop enquiring and lively minds, acquire the ability to question rationally. Our training programs promote learning by stimulating curiosity. We render excellent language training to develop and enhance language ability in children. Our learning programs are executed by highly qualified and skilled teachers who hold years of experience in training and molding young minds. The learning courses for different age groups are designed by industry experts in accordance with the educational requirements of respective age groups. Our courses focus on overall development of a child rather than just confining to textbook learning.

We strive to provide a variety of experiences and opportunities for the children to discover to showcase their abilities. To encourage ingenuity and creativity among the tots we offer music training. The training will help kids to identify their talents at a very young stage and the early training is ensured to fetch an early success for them. Our goal is to make children enthusiastic about learning, and the eagerness to attend classes with music classes.

Most of the legendary singers and instrumentalists had their music coaching started at a very young age. We help you spot music talents in your kids at the right age. Our expert music coaches can help the kids identify their talent and passion for music.

Being Child is beyond a child day care facility, we facilitate overall development of a child by offering skill development and personal development scheme. The dance training will help the children to get in touch with their passion and talent for dance at a very young age. The dance training will also act as a physical activity for the children to relieve them of stress and to keep them healthy by improving their motor skills.

At Being Child, we give your kid an opportunity to get dance lessons from the industry luminaries. Learning extracurricular activities such as dancing is given equal emphasis as textbook book learning. Kids exhibiting talent and passion for dance is given further guidance to upskill their flair.

Dance and music are not the only extra-curricular activities a kid can pursue. There is a multitude of other skills that a kid can possess. Our art and craft training is aimed at such kids who are neither interested in dance nor music.

Our art and craft training is intended at ushering overall development into a child’s life. The art and crafts skills acquired at a tender age will make the kids artistic and improves their cognitive skills. At Being Child, an exciting range of art and crafts activities from pencil drawing to origami are taught by experienced teachers. These activities are proven to boost the mental abilities of a child.

Children these days are exposed to stress levels that is beyond what we were exposed to as children. Keeping this in mind, under the guidance of an experienced instructor, we teach them Piano lessons. Music and especially a beautiful instrument such as a piano helps relieve stress in children. It further instills a sense of discipline and patience in them, improves hand-eye coordination as it calls for actions on both hands independent of each other, improves their memory retention with studies supporting how piano showed higher results in solving mathematical problems especially rations and fractions, it improves their concentration levels, mastering various chords raises their self-esteem. The knowledge of an instrument is not just useful in itself but will also help them pick up other instruments later in life.

Among other activities we also have Pottery lessons. It's a lovely sensorial activity through which children improve the dexterity of their fingers, induces creativity as the childunderstands the three dimensional aspect of this art, further they learn about shape, form and perspectives. It's an activity which moulds learning with the soothing properties of clay. It further raises their self esteem, when they delightfully show their pottery work to their parents.

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